"In the 18 months that Mike and Recruitment Training has been supporting my business the company has grown its Gross Profit by c$10M pa. Mike's strategic advice, video training and live weekly Skype training to my team has played a major part in us achieving our $10m growth.”


“Mike’s advice, peer-to-peer learning groups and general sales expertise has added c£8,000,000 to my business.”


€240,000 (in one month!)

“We had our best ever month after just 4 months of working with Mike and Recruitment Training"

“Throughout the last seven years we must have added at least £5M to the business as a result of working with Recruitment Training."


"I always come away with gems from Mike’s meetings, one of which generated over £250,000 in the last two years alone"


"Since meeting Mike, his training, techniques, innovative ideas and support have directly and indirectly led to over £45M of the revenues generated by my business during that time."



“I can attribute at least £3M of the revenues directly to Mike and Recruitment Training."



“When setting up Provide, the Board made a conscious decision to build the company on solid foundations by incorporating the world's best recruitment methodology - and there was only one name that came to mind at that time, Mike Walmsley. Those foundations have resulted in at least £20 million for the business."


"Mike’s strategic advice must have added £3M to the business.”

"I had attended numerous recruitment training events previously, but none had the effect of Mike's simple, clever and practica ltechniques, coupled with the big biller mindset that is embedded throughout his teaching."

Ephram Stephenson, MD, Design & Construct

Abigail Stevens, MD, Think Global

Ronan Colleran, MD, Azon Recruitment

Gary Dewhurst, Managing Director, Gap Personnel

Jon Salt, Managing Director, Affinity Search

Jason Sykes, Director, High Finance

Mark Pearce - National Client Relationship Manager at Fircroft

Nick Peacock, MD, Ascendant

David Freeman, MD, Provide

Jon Coxon, MD, Liquid Personnel

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